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    Fusion specialises in delivering complex web sites and online trading solutions within the insurance sector.

    Company Information

    About Fusion Internet Solutions Ltd 

    Fusion are strategic consulting developers who understand how IT can support your business. We have been creating powerful online resources for a wide variety of clients since 1996. As strategic consultant developers we understand how IT technologies and solutions can be used to deliver business benefits. Our core work as an Internet development company is to understand how clients conduct their business and create new software solutions that will improve performance and profitability. We work with a wide range of companies across several sectors including financial service, publishing leisure, pharmaceuticals and Local Government.  Our largest client sector is in the insurance industry.

    Projects and Technologies

    Our innovative solutions encompass a broad range of projects including websites, intranets, extranets, stand-alone and browser-based applications. We take advantage of the very latest software and hardware developments to enhance the client's presence on the web, their workflow, methods of working, security and general information accessibility. To create our solutions a variety of Microsoft technologies are utilised including .NET, C#, Active Server Pages, SQL Server.

    Skills and Expertise

    Fusion creates business centric solutions through an approach that combines a broad knowledge of business with a deep understanding of data access, management and delivery. Our consultants and developers are respected for their ability to collaborate with clients to understand the business process and create solutions that deliver improvements to products, services, business communication and profitability.

    Clients rely in Fusion's expertise in:

    • Business Analysis
    • Data Strategy
    • Data Integration and Transformation
    • Data Quality
    • Project Management
    • Browser Based Solutions
    • Security
    • Solutions Management

    Fusion offers a flexible approach to solution delivery and management to achieve rapid proof of concept, build, deployment and management. In addition to delivering full development solutions, we offer strategic marketing and design consultancy services to complement our technical solutions. Our developer expertise is combined with skills in information design, interface design and branding.

    Company Details

    Registered in England

    Company No: 2860621

    Registered Office:

    6 Epsilon House, Laser Quay, Culpeper Close, Rochester, Kent ME2 4HU


    Fusion is a private company, ownership rests with the board of directors and a consortium of private investors.


    01634 290363


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